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Thomas James, a Northwestern Pennsylvania pipe artisan, handcarves high grade briar into beautiful, smooth smoking tobacco pipes.  All stems
are hand cut from the finest Ebonite, Cumberland and Cast Acrylic rods.  You will frequently find decorative material, such as antler, fossilized
mammoth ivory, bamboo, and exotic woods incorporated into the design of individual briar pipes.
There is a one year burn-out guarantee on all tobacco pipes with a coated bowl.
Returns on un-smoked briar pipes will be honored for ten days if pipe is sent back in original condition.
Thomas James Pipes - American handmade briar smoking pipes.
Thomas James hand carves a variety of classic tobacco pipe shapes and freehand
styles.  Each smoking pipe is maticulously crafted with a handcut stem made out of
the finest grade materials.  Because the pipe maker takes his time with each piece,
ensuring the best quality pipe is presented to his collectors, enthusiasts, and fellow
pipe smokers, annual pipe production is extremely limited.
Squashed bulldog, British Tan stain in a light rustication finish.
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Briar tobacco pipes hand made by
Pennsylvania pipe carver, Thomas James
Ace of Spades, one of 26 Greater Kansas City Pipe Clubs 2012.
Handcarved hawkbill by Thomas James, Pennsylvania pipemaker.
Thomas James Ace of Spades signature shape smoking tobacco pipe.
Thomas James Smoking Pipes
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